Why choose us?Entfaltung

  • Practice transfer, tangible results and sustainable development through an integrated, pragmatic and systemic approach
  • Acceptance and motivation by involving those persons concerned
  • Successful implementation through professional project management and efficient project communication
  • “Straight Talk” – we openly address unpleasant topics without overlooking the political snares
  • Extensive experience in the field of organizational development within the fields of IT & Telecommunication, Healthcare and Insurance/Finance

What we offer

  • Change Management and Project Management
  • Vision, Strategy and Goal
  • Merger Consulting / Merger Process
  • Organizational Culture Development/Mission Statement
  • Team Development
  • Employee Survey
  • Survey of the Organizational Climate
  • Sales Check-Up:
    Generate your own premium cockpit for self-assessment to achieve integral organizational development within your sales department!
Customers report: Organizational Development in the class of insurance