The company’s purpose is to create and maintain a human and economically successful business environment; as well as the cooperative assessment and development of people, teams and organizations.

Personal-point’s Company concept


Personal Consultancy

The foundation of our consultancy is the personal relationships to our customers, which are based on trust. That trust enables us to mutually define individual, customized solutions.

Integral Approaches

We integrate various perspectives. With our comprehensive range of experience and our wide range of products, we’ll find the suitable approaches for the diagnosis and development of your organization and staff members.


We understand innovation as a process during which we recognize the client’s problems and their respective solutions, develop ideas and solutions as well as successfully implement improvements. This base is built on creativity, intuition, experience and flexibility in both thinking and action.


We ensure that our work sustainably affects the customers, by enthusing and empowering the people and anchoring changes within the company. Together with the client, we reflect upon our work’s medium and long-term success. Our tenor in collaboration with our clients, colleagues, staff members, service providers, teams and organizations are coined by three basic aspects: Heart, mind and hand characterize a sincere, open contact with the person across from you; this requires that interest for understanding the other does exist, creating trust and commitment through mutual action


Nothing will happen, unless you make it happen. (Erich Kästner)


We support the following social projects:

Global Energy Parliament

Global Energy Parliament


Bürgerinitiative Romantischer Rhein

Lichtbrücke Frieden

Lichtbrücke für den Frieden

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