Heart       =       Sincere Attitude     =    Find your inner being. Connect yourself.

Mind        =       Targets, Thoughts  =    Create your targets and beliefs.

Hand      =       Actions, Create          =    Learn the techniques. Make it simple.


head3 Living/Leading with the Hand means …

Successful activity is possible, if you’ve built up the capability of working around the desired and planned activity. “Tools” assist you in carrying out the action more efficiently. Don’t get stuck in either analysis or the yearning for it, but instead, launch into it.
Simply try it and find out what can be made possible, when heart, mind and hand are in unison. In connection with these three components, changes will be successful. For management staff, “Hand” means taking care of core tasks that cannot be delegated, through the capacity to act using efficient means/tools.
View the managerial circuit as an idea-giver, as to which tools one could us to better/more easily fulfill the respective core task.

Kernaufgaben und Werkzeuge für Führungsverhalten