Everything for Your Personnel

partnership effective pragmatic (pep)

Integral Company and Personnel Development


Your Benefits

One dedicated contact person
for all internal subjects
concerning personnel and

Transparent planning and
invoicing based on time and

Organizational Development

  • Precise strategy and objectives
  • Solutions for your customers’ new requests
  • Elimination of bottleneck-factors, simplified,
    improved processes
  • Developing company culture,
    managing change
Personnel Recruiting

  • Discovering applicants’ hidden potentials
  • Higher applicant rate and suitable candidates
  • Better employees
  • Guarantee for correct personnel decisions

Personnel Development

  • Fast integration of new employees
  • Attractive and premium quality training
  • Paths of development, employee perspectives
  • Motivating and binding good employees

Our Services

Organizational Development

  • Vision, Strategy, Objectives
  • Change Management
  • Mission Statement and Change of Culture
  • Department and Team Development
  • Employee Survey and 360° Feedback
  • Innovation and Process Management

Personnel Recruiting

  • Employer Branding, Ads
  • Research, Candidate Management
  • Personnel Selection e.g. telephone interview,
    Selection Interviews, Assessment
  • Personnel Interviewer’s Training
  • Online-Tests and Case Studies

Personnel Development

  • Conceptual design of personnel development
  • Leadership training and customized training
  • Mediation in conflict situations
  • Consultant Training / Train-the-Trainer
  • Talent-Management
  • Coaching

Our Values

Our basic philosophy and attitude is to harmonize head, heart and hand. We understand this as cordial, open contact, from which mutual objectives and plans develop. Through trust and engagement, action and success is then created.

Living with a heart means …

…to be mindful, to possess the intention of cordiality, appreciation and thankfulness. To be mutually compassionate, creates a framework for employees and managers, in which one can also master tough challenges as a team.

Living with a head means …

…following objectives and plans in a structured and systematic manner. Information, coming from the outside and inside, is intuitively and consciously experienced. Hence, correct objectives and plans can be derived through systematic analysis and interpretation.

Living with hand means …

…to move forward into the realization of objectives and plans. Successful action is possible
if you have gained the competence to act. “Tools” help you to carry out the action more efficiently.

Harmonizing the head, heart and hand enables one to experience and live it in a balanced manner. In turn, allowing one to successfully master strong personal or entrepreneurial changes.